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The Wonderful Souj Boulak Rugs

While considering any kind of interior decoration, you can never consider your interior complete without a carpet or rug. Rugs add delicacy and style to the spaces, whether commercial or household. A fine selection of rug or any carpet piece can help you to enhance the charisma of your living rooms. Rugs are manufactured in a vast variety where the weaving techniques and patterns may vary. However, because of this variety a number of consumers of rugs and carpet industry, all over the world, are entertained with the best collection of rugs and carpets. So whatever the personal preference or taste is you have, the rug according to your choice.
A marvelous rug collection can be to select the Souj Boulak Rugs. These rugs are the discoveries of the magnificent Persian rug industry. The Souj Boulak is the ancient type of Persian rugs with a history dating back to 15th century. Some of the ancient pieces of Souj Boulak rugs made in 1550’s are placed in the art gallery of Persia to praise those ancient artisans. Since the very early toes Persia has been striving for getting prominent position in the world’s rug market. It has become successful in achieving this goal, because of the highly skilled artisans who are employed in a number of home based workshops for weaving Souj Boulak. The term Souj Boulak is sometimes used interchangeably with the Antique rugs, showing the old history of this collection of rugs. The modern day Souj Boulak are based on the weaving patterns and symmetry that was practiced in the old times. Although the looming setups and weaving technologies have developed a lot, yet the Souj Boulak rug represents a particular antique pattern of the rug. The Souj Boulak rugs are exported to a number of different countries all over the globe and liked in different cultural settings.
The traditional looms used in the inception of rug industry in Persia were mostly hand driven. Especially the making of Souj Boulak Rugs involved a great number of skilled artisans and workforce. One of the most prominent features of the Souj Boulak Rug making is the involvement of a large number of women in the rug industry. These women mostly belong to the native villages where rug workshops or looms are established. So to provide the employment opportunities to the native villagers a number of women and men are trained to get involved in the rug making including the Souj Boulak Rug.
The major types of materials used in the making of Souj Boulak rug include the cotton based wool and silk. The original designs of Souj Boulak are based on a traditional layout with central and border motives. The color and dyeing procedures are very diverse using dark red and black colors for dyeing. Among the original patterns of Souj Boulak the most popular designs are Kurdish Souj Boulak and the antique Souj Boulak. These delicate masterpieces are present in a number of art galleries and museums as well as in some royal settings and palaces.
If you are also interested in knowing more about the traditional and historical backgrounds of different types of rugs and carpets, you can visit this page. Knowing about the rich history of these marvelous man made pieces is always hilarious. Souj Boulak is one of the enchanting historical pieces of rugs and carpets that cherish a rich and deep history. You will feel captivation towards these distinguishing rugs. If you want to get more about all types of rugs and carpets you can visit, to enhance your knowledge about all types of rugs and carpets.

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