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white wash Kerman

White Wash Kerman Rugs

Unique colors, unique pieces, unique places, Kerman rugs

If you want to achieve a distinctive interior design with a mixture of glamorous and distressed aesthetic a White Washed Kerman rug may be a great option to please your eclectic taste.
Unique pieces like this Hand-Knotted Persian Kerman fills the space with its distinctive personality. Interior designers claim there are no rules when mixing and matching antique decor. A White Wash Kerman becomes a key element to put together the best of two worlds; the vast history of Iranian Kerman rugs and the modern twist of a white wash that adds a special contemporary feeling.

white wash kerman rug

Kerman or Kirman is one of the traditional classifications of Persian rugs. It refers both to a city, and a region, but it describes a type of rug regardless of where it was made. This type of rug is well known among rug connoisseurs and collectors for its fine wool, wide range of designs, broad color palette and natural dyes along with other characteristics.
The designs have changed throughout time according to the market demand and historical ups and downs, different periods can be identified depending on the themes and colors used. The hand knotted Kerman on the picture shows a flower medallion center piece and an elaborated frame, normally used during the “regression era”. This piece has the charming white washed light colors palette that gives it the highly appreciated vintage look, plus the density quality of a high number of knots per square inch.

white wash kirman rug

White Washed Kermans are unique pieces that intrigue with their color variations. Dare to go for this trend!

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