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The Louvre Museum

My family, since before I can remember, has a long standing history of collecting antique Persian and oriental rugs. The care and time spent creating and weaving a hand knotted rug represents not only a rich history, but also beauty as well. On a recent trip to Paris, France, I visited the Louvre Museum that houses a Persian rug from the 16th century. The gift was given in 1914 buy Joanny Peytel and is titled “Carpet with animals”. The small rug is made entirely of silk and is said to have come from Kashan, Iran. This Persian rug features a rare indigo blue color and various pictures of animals frolicking on a field.

It was by luck that I came across this particular Persian rug while on holiday. The accentuated beauty, interesting motifs and designs, and rich colors of a rug from so many years ago before my eyes made me love Persian rugs even more. Now, nearly four centuries later, I was able to witness evidence that expert weavers knew what they were really doing since they continue to be in such good condition even today for myself. I’ve always purchased my Persian rugs from because of their great prices and authenticity. With their help, I can bring what I love the most into my own home.

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