Saraband Rugs


Saraband Rugs


Saraband is a village of western Iran. Saraband rugs are a form of Persian Oriental Rugs. This art belongs to the south east of Arak (which is the central west area of Iran) and the south of Malayer. These rugs are usually double weft and knotted in a symmetrical way. Therefore this carpets are handwoven like other Persian luxurious rugs. But famous for unobtrusive and sturdy charm.

Manufacturing Style

Saraband and the Mir – Saraband rug is an art from the 19th and early 20th Centuries. This hand-made “state of the art” rug, is usually used as a floor covering and the design consists of small leave’s forms in diagonal rows.The tips of the leaves are pointed in opposite dimensions. Sometimes the patterns on the field on the rug, have the same direction. The borders of mir-Saraband rugs are mostly decorated with ‘Herati’ pattern or zigzag shapes. The basic colors of these rugs are brown, yellow or a salmon color which tends to standin its majority. The earliest Sarouk rugs were manufactured in wool, but now days, they are knotted on a cotton warp.

Sizes of Saraband& Mir-Saraband Rugs

You can buy a hand knotted Sarouk rug, or you can choose a custom made order. Usual sizes of rugs are 3’0 x 4’5, 9’5 x 6’4 and so on. If you want to select or want to have the dimensions of your choice and desire, you can go and place a custom made order as well. Since this is an oriental rug, like any other luxurious rugs, the prices start from $30 to $40 Per square foot. You can find these Oriental rugs in stores such as Amazon and E-bay.

How to Clean Saraband& Mir-Saraband Rugs?

The cleaning process is similar to all other oriental rugs, for example you can vacuum them on both sides. In case of a stains, clean it immediately or call an rug specialist near your area.

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