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Don’t Have A Persian Rug in Every Single Room…Well What Are You Waiting For?!

So I’ve got this Persian friend whose sole purpose in life is to convince everyone she knows to buy Persian rugs.  Not only are Persian rugs necessary household items, but they should also be in every single room in every home.  True story, I learned.

I’ll never forget the look on my friend’s face when she first stepped onto my bedroom rug. It was, and I’m sorry to say, Ikea-ed to death.  Her face was a combination of pain, suffering, and sheer embarrassment.  The following day, she brought me to her house where I had my first foot-to-Persian rug experience, and I have to say, my toes were forever changed.   The beautiful hand knotted rug featured stunning colors and beautiful floral motifs.  The next day, I threw out my polyester Ikea rug in exchange for a Persian rug.  That very next morning, I woke up to find that I had somehow fallen asleep on my exquisite new rug, back-free pain and all.

Five and a half years later I have found myself advocating for Persian rugs, because frankly, nothing ties a room together better than a Persian rug, especially if you have got a beautiful Persian friend happily smiling beside you.

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