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Handmade Rugs – The Ultimate Home Decor Style

The rug and carpet industry is such a diverse one that it can easily cater a number of different customers and their multiple needs. Among the most usable item, handmade rugs have been popular for a very long time. Handmade rugs come in different sizes and styles; additionally the texture and the length of these rugs can help you to choose an appropriate piece for a particular place.

Here is an introductory piece of writing for all those who are interested in knowing about the handmade rugs:

What makes handmade rugs unique?

Many people are interested in knowing what features set apart the handmade rugs from other rugs and carpets and make an accurate choice. To these people’s searches for a rug, a number of points may be worth considering. First if all the handmade rugs are made on special looms operated and processed manually, where every knot is knitted manually by a skilled labor, by hand.

  • Knot pile style of handmade rugs:In this traditional style, the carpet weaver will make the knots in a way that each knot is tied to the other by hand in order to create a foundation. It is a longer and more tedious exercise when making a carpet as compared to other types of handmade rugs.
  • Flat weave style:As these handmade rugs lack the traditional pile of knots and the foundation of handmade knots on a loom, so does the height of these carpets, or in other words the thickness of these handmade carpets is very much more thin. Usually rug pads are largely used to make these rugs stay in place.

Judging the quality of handmade rugs:

Most of the readers want to know, how we can determine the quality and standard of a handmade rug. For those readers, we would like to mention a few major factors which can be a source of judgment about the quality of the handmade rug:

  • Knot count
  • The type of dye used
  • The type of yarn used
  • The durability of the rug

The handmade rug can be made up of a number of different materials, including the wool, silk or a mixture of different natural fibers. So the choice of your rug will largely depend upon the area and location where you will be using that particular rug.

Some popular choices for handmade rugs:

There are a number of different choices for all those whose next purchasing is about the handmade rugs. So before you go to obtain a distinctive piece for your gorgeous room or living room, have a look at these major options available.

  • Persian handmade rugs: Persian rugs are one of the most prominent pieces of art of all time in Persian culture. These rugs and especially handmade rugs and are known in the world for their quality and elegance. The Persian rugs come in three major categories including.
    • Farsh (Rugs greater in size)
    • Qaliechi (Rough carpets)
    • Gelim (Including flat weaves and pile rugs)

    The carpet industry is more or less using the same major patterns and then each company is using different derivatives of these designs, so you can easily distinguish a Persian handmade rug.

  • Turkish handmade rugs: One of the most distinctive features of a Turkish carpet is the fine arts embedded with the art of looming, so if your choice is a Turkish handmade carpet, you can easily get into finding a number of exclusive paintings and other designs on your rug.
  • Caspian handmade rugs: One of the newly established industries for handmade rugs is known to be those of Caspian rugs. These handmade rugs provide the best combination of modern patterns with the traditional art of handmade rugs, so for all of those whose choice is a bit modern and of new styles, they can easily get the best handmade rugs out of this Caspian handmade rug industry. Again the color preferences and materials may vary according to the individual choice.

Handmade rugs can be the best choice if someone is really interested in making his home or office highly sophisticated and mesmerizing. The options are endless; all you need is to have a sound knowledge about the available options and the particular need which only you possess. Handmade rugs have the best possible ability to make your place look compelling and persuasive for all. Not only you will be able to get the appreciation of others, but your internal satisfaction will make you cherish these handmade rugs for years to come.

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