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The simple beauty of Kilim Flatweave rugs

Sometimes things can be uncomplicated, sometimes they can be understated. Sometimes the beauty comes from the simplicity of the design and execution. Look no further than Kilim hand-woven rugs, classic flatweave carpets known for their unique contained look and versatility.

One of the most consistent technique to go back centuries, Kilim rugs were most likely first used by nomadic peoples of Middle East and Central Asia. The earliest examples were found around Khotan, present day Xinjiang, China, one of the centers of trade along the Silk Roads, and go back centuries. The name is derived from Turkish “gelim”, which means, “to spread” (as in, to spread a rug). Its pure geometrical designs are believed to have mystical, inspirational powers.

Perfect Example of a Beautiful Kilim Hand-Woven Rug Motif and Weave

Reversible Anatolian Kilim hand-woven pure wool Oriental rug ©

To us, the most fascinating thing about the hand-woven Kilim rugs is the unique weaving technique, called slit weave. These rugs don’t have a pile, and are created by simply weaving the woolen wefts and the cotton or wool warps (thread ratio is 16 of weft, 14 of warp). Two different-colored weft blocks are tightly packed into the warp by a special comb and returned to original side once they reach each other, leaving a slight “gap” in between – the slit! This is the origin of the traditional Kilim motif: diagonal and horizontal lines, a pattern designed for durability.

Beautiful Hand-Woven Kilim rug with a Modern Touch

Hand-woven Kilim colorful cotton and Sari silk rug ©

While the traditional colors for these magical Kilim hand-woven rugs are blue, green, red, and yellow, the modern take on the carpets includes a variety of dyes and designs. Still these works of art are as versatile and affordable as they were centuries ago: they are easy to spread or fold, don’t crease; are great at being a centerpiece decoration, hanging on a wall or serving as a door step rug, or for saddling your mule, if the occasion truly calls for it!

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