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Sari Silk Rug

Sari Silk Rugs

From Saris to an Astonishing Rug

The grace and the gemlike colors of Sari`s silk are cleverly transformed into yarns that are then weaved into marvelous hand knotted rugs by highly skilled artisans. The Mamluk, pictured here, goes a step further mixing the luxurious sari silk with the rustic look of oxidized wool. The oxidized wool lowers the pile of the rug while the silk is not affected by the process, creating the high and low effect and, above all, enhancing its brightness in a mixed material rug. The final effect is astonishing, reserved for those who enjoy originality and a varied look.

The Sari Silk remnants become the raw material for rugs. Indian artisans unthread the saris by hand, the extracted silk is fortified with cotton or other natural fibers and utilized again for new rugs. Another way of obtaining the Sari Silk is by re-spinning silk from the mill ends of sari looms: once the rug is weaved with silk and wool, it goes through an oxidation process that reduces the wool pile.sari silk rug

Think of these rugs as an exquisite drapery that will dress any special room in your home. Be aware: They are unique pieces, elegant and sophisticated for that special place in your home. Sari Silk rugs are durable, however try to keep them in low traffic areas. If well kept, they will be a decoration treasure for decades!

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