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Abstract Design Rugs

Abstract Design Rugs, pushing the boundaries of interior design.

Talented weavers work with western designers pushing the boundaries of hand-knotted rug making, incorporating unusual abstract patterns that capture everyone’s attention, while maintaining their technique and quality.

We find ourselves in front of carpets with splashes of color that remind us of a Pollock painting, or undefined lines as a memento of a Kandinsky. Abstract rugs are like pieces of art in a gallery. These intricate designs invite us to walk the path of the undefined, to leave behind the figurative and immerse ourselves in the mood of color, traces and break with the traditional motifs. Fashionable and asymmetric patterns in literally any color, mixed materials, but especially the intriguing nature these rugs share with contemporary art. There is always a commentary, a thought, just like modern art, abstract rugs, awakens unconscious feelings and surprises our imagination.abstract design rugs

Certainly abstract design rugs are a way of incorporating art into space, beyond an accent rug, or a background for your main decor. Abstract design rugs are the focal point in a room, the main piece, and the spotlight of the show. Interior designers recommend working the stage setups around this type of rug, instead of doing it the other way around. When you choose to decorate with an abstract design rug you have to be conscious of the way architecture and furniture relates to the rug. Decoration will result in an organic space where every element adds to create a free spirited room full of personality.

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