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Should I get the largest sand rug in the world or just go for the largest Persian rug in the world?

You probably know about many things that happen in Iran these days. But did you ever think that one of them is creating the largest rug in the world? At astonishing 60,546 square feet and 38 tons of wool, the largest Persian rug was made by 1,200 weavers, in 3 different villages, over almost two years. The carpet will not stay in Iran; it is destined to fly over to the United Arab Emirates.
Meanwhile in Island of Hormuz, we see that Iranians also love the beach, and they love building stuff out of sand. But if it’s castles for us, guess what they are building? You guessed right… a carpet. Group of Iranian artists created the world’s biggest sand carpet that spreads over amazing 400 square feet and created with 70 different types of send:
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