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The Dirty Persian Rug Test

Feel like your Oriental rugs or Persian rugs are dirty? Having a hard time remembering what color it was when you first bought it? Chances are, it’s filthy, either that, or you’re losing your mind. Most hand knotted Oriental or Persian rugs require a yearly cleaning, depending on a couple of factors. Performing the dirty Persian rug test is one way to tell.

Try one of the following methods to see if your rug needs a cleaning:

  1. Moisten a white towel and gently rub back and forth; if the towel is soiled, it’s time for a cleaning!
  2. Pick up the corner of your rug and give it a swift kick; if a little cloud of dust emerges, it’s time for a cleaning!
  3. Lift up a corner of your rug so that the backside is facing you; fold the corner down and over so you can get a good look of the crevices your vacuum can’t reach. If you see debris, dust, or fibers, it’s time for a cleaning!

In terms of self-cleaning, the process is a bit more complicated. If your task is to clean a large area rug, stop and call a professional. The smaller the rug, the easier it is to clean, and the less likely you’ll be to ruin the entire rug. Now cleaning a rug is similar to washing your hair. But before you start anything, test a small patch to check for color runs! Firstly, remove any debris with a quick vacuum job, lather your rug with shampoo and water, rinse thoroughly with water, squeeze excess water out, and lay flat to dry.

To maintain a clean rug, avoid wearing shoes inside the house or try vacuuming once a month to get rid of dust and fibers. Stick with these few tips and you’ll be more likely to see your rug’s true colors.

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