Qum Rugs



Qum Rugs

Qum is found in focal Iran, 160 km south of Tehran. After Mashhad, Qum is the second biggest journey city of Iran.

Carpets from the heavenly city of Qum are around the finest, most exorbitant and valuable covers of the Orient. In spite of the exact adolescent floor covering processing, there is an extremely refined rug society that has just been pointed at the floor coverings of high caliber.

Design and Production Material

The patterns of this rugs are generally taken from different provinces and refined.

Qum doesn’t have any conventional plans of its own. Qum weavers prefer to weave the best outlines of other Persian assemblies, and alter these carpets to their own taste. All silk Qum floor coverings are well known in Iran and abroad, because of the their most astounding quality: 100% unadulterated silk, unlike anything else available for floor covering. The Qums are the most current, magnetic and intricate carpets.

Shape and Size of QUM RUGS

Common silk is regularly utilized as a fundamental fiber for Qum rugs. For the heap, the best fleece or Kurkwool is utilized, together with silk. This rugs are likewise from unadulterated characteristic such as silk. Not rarely, the fineness Qum rugs are significantly more than 800,000 hitches for every square meter. Because of the fragile fibers in association with the short but yet thick heap, the rugs seem very creative and respectable.

Creativity in QUM RUGS

Most Qum floor coverings have curvilinear designs, and exceptional flower themes with mind boggling leaves and vines. As specified above, the plans are shifted, taken from distinctive weaving gatherings. Qum carpet’s designs are comprised of garden arrangements, flowers, vaults, trees-of-life, emblem, or pictorial (counting life on the desert), around other landscapes.

The dominant part of a Qum rug is equitably small in size and utilizes extremely fine knotting, which is thickly hitched, making it a great rich carpet. Numerous silk carpets are made in Qum and hang with pride on the possessor’s homes.

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