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Don’t throw away that old Rug. Bring it in for Rug Restoration

Even though antique rugs stand out as pieces of art, rugs are basically made to walk on. If they were hanging on the walls, rug care and maintenance would be much easier, but rugs are “art on the floor” and we try to do our best to take care of them. Still you cannot really tell what the dog will drag in tomorrow.

In time, some delicate rugs wear out. Some rugs have missing fringes, others have holes where a table’s leg used to stand, and we have seen water damaged rugs and wrap damaged rugs and rugs with vacuum cleaner damage or even bacteria and mold.

But this does not always mean that you have to throw away your rug. That’s the reason rug restoration was invented. Rug repair takes great technical skills, gentle hands and refined eyes.

1800GetARug can help you with your restoration needs. We can repair small to large holes in your rugs, fringes, mending, whatever you need to have done.
And whatever your repair need is – we can handle it at a very fair price. Call us and get a quote. We are located in the New Jersey area, but can handle even a long distance customer. Give us a call at 201-933-4300 and we will work out all the details for you.

If you have any type of question please call and we will be happy to service you!

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