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moroccan rugs handmade

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs: A journey of creativeness.

Moroccan rugs are a large category of hand-woven carpets from Morocco. History and geography played a key role in the development of these rugs. To understand their variety we have to keep in mind Morocco is a blend of cultures, such as Arabic, Indigenous Berber, Sub–Saharan and European influences. Furthermore, the rich and varied landscape ranging from desert to mountains gives the rugs specific characteristics. For instance, knotted heavy pile rugs are used in the snowy Atlas Mountains while flat, light woven ones are better suited for the Sahara Desert.

moroccan rug handmade

In the past, traditional Moroccan Rugs had a utilitarian purpose: indigenous people from the desert used them to sleep, sit, dress, cover or to protect their animals with little though for decoration, but today western collectors appreciate the simple tribal designs and the wide color hues because they are easily matched with modern and sleek furniture.

moroccan rug handmade

Depending on the region, Moroccan rugs have distinctive designs and styles as shown below:
Berber Beni Ourain rug are usually weaved in two colors of neutral shades with tribal patterns and designs.

Azilal tribal are carpets woven by Berber women from the Azilal region for domestic use, they feature abstract and minimalist colorful designs.

Rugs made in Rabat are well known for their diamond shape, flower designs and bare field.

Boucherouite (Rag Rugs) beautifully made from scraps of old clothes.

Moroccan rugs showcase the diversity and history of an entire country, from the ocean side cities to the snow-capped mountains, these rugs take us on a journey of creativeness and connect our spaces with ancient cultures.

moroccan rug handmade

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