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Indian And Rajasthan Rugs

For all the rug and carpet lovers, Rajasthan rugs may captivate their aesthetic and artistic sense. Rug and carpets are one of the largest industries of Rajasthan, India, where thousands of people, both men and women are related to this industry.

Rajasthan rugs are known for the thick and wooly structures which come in a number of different colors and motives. The rug industry of Rajasthan has started experiencing a boom in 1950,s. Since then Rajasthan rugs compose a major portion of exports of India. These rugs are exported to a number of different countries around the globe. The Rajasthan rugs have become a formal export of the country because of the efforts of a young entrepreneur named Nand Kishore Chaudhary, who being fascinated by the business of carpets, set out new standards for Rajasthan Rugs. He was of the belief that the artisan, both men and women, who perform the tiresome task of weaving these rugs and carpets must be paid according to their hard work. He started his work with 9 artisans and two looms in 1978. This network has now extended to abut forty thousand artisans who make fabulous Rajasthan rugs to be exported all over the world. So Kishore is regarded as a great leader because of his unprecedented efforts for uplifting of Rajasthan rugs.

The most commonly used materials in Rajasthan rugs include jute, silk, wool and cotton. These rugs are made both on hand operated and automated looms. In Rajasthan the carpet weaving has become the major source of income for almost half of the population. Greater than men, women form a major workforce for the Rajasthan rugs.

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