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The Magic Carpet is My Favorite Rug

As far as I’m concerned, it will never even be up for debate.

It won’t be two-hundred-year-old oriental rugs. It won’t be hand-stitched Persian Rugs. It won’t be hand knotted rugs, silk area rugs, or even a gorgeous brand-new vegetable dye rug.

No, no, no… as far as I’m concerned, my favorite rug will forever and always be The Magic Carpet for Disney’s 1992 film Aladdin.

I mean, how cool was that guy (thing?)? First appears in the “Cave of Wonders,” which is a pretty cool name for a place to hang out in. then, without even knowing Aladdin (or his grumpy and territorial monkey, Abu) he risks himself to save them both when the cave begins to collapse.

He clearly has some history with the Genie, a character be beats at the game of chess later on. And I mean, come on…an omnipotent, magical, wish-granting supreme being was defeated by “the rug man,” as he jokingly address’ him. Gotta give some props for that.

However, what I’ll always remember is how an animated character with ZERO lines and no face was able to seem so human just through “body” language. It’s the first animated character I can remember that was created solely with Computer Generated Imagery, and for that reason alone it will always be my favorite rug, fictional or not.

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