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Clean Your Floor and Rugs With A Roomba

The Roomba is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner. In other words, it’s one of those disc-shaped vacuums that cleans up all by itself. Sold by iRobot, the Roomba is designed to find the way around a space, vacuuming the floor while simultaneously avoiding furniture and other obstacles.

The Roombas has continued to advance and improve. For example, the first generation models ahd to be programmed and told the size of the room they were supposed to be vacuuming. However, the second and third generation models do not require this kind of programming.

Unfortunately, while the Roomba does operate successfully on oriental rugs, it is not capable of functioning on a deep-pile carpet. Additionally, earlier versions of the Roomba would get caught on rug tussels, and sometimes even extension cords.

Also, owners of valuable Persian Rugs may want something a little more…er, delicate, taking care of maintain their possessions.

So for these special one of a kind rugs it is not recommended that you utilize a Roomba for cleaning, but instead bring your rug to your local rug dealer who can assist you with the cleaning of your fine rug.

Below is a video of a first generation Roomba in action.


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