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How to Choose a Rug for Your Home?

1800GetARug - Size / Color / Pattern - Choose a Right Rug for Your Home

Size, Color, Pattern, Size or Lifestyle? What is the best way to choose a rug for your home? Our tips to guide you:



Your room will look larger with a generously sized rug. Don’t compromise on size for the sake of price. Rugs create boundaries and zones and anchor furniture arrangements. Furniture should sit comfortably on the rug to create visual harmony, but also as a safety precaution so furniture is balanced and stable. An exception to this rule is sofas. The long, low design of most sofas creates inherent stability meaning that sofas can sit comfortably and safely with just their front legs on the rug while the visual look remains harmonious.



Create a folder of rooms you love. Do this in real life with magazine clippings or online with a Pinterest board or by tracking your likes on Instagram. After you’ve gathered a reasonable amount, look for similarities. Do your rooms feature a particular color? Do they trend to one look like Farmhouse Style made popular by Magnolia Homes, or perhaps Scandi, Retro, Mid-century or Traditional? Is your decorating style inspired by the interior design found in movies or popular television series like OUAT – Once Upon A Time or Downton Abbey? Or maybe the rooms you love are a mix of styles – what many people call Maximalism?

Once you’ve narrowed down your style look at the rug choices in the rooms you love. What color are they? What style or pattern? Once you’re confident you’ve found your style and color, don’t forget you can switch it up by choosing a rug in a complementary color to the room’s general color scheme. Or keep the color true to your first love and switch up the rug’s pattern. Did you know stripes look great with florals if the colors are complementary?



In addition to size and style, your lifestyle plays an important role. Do you have children? Pets? What ages are the children? What type of pets (hamsters in cages don’t count, but dogs with muddy paws or who shed hair do!)? What about your lifestyle? Do you entertain a lot? Is your style formal or relaxed or somewhere in between?

For homes with children and pets or where entertaining is important, a patterned rug will help hide stains from kids, pets, and food or drink until you have time to spot clean. Probably best to avoid white or light colored rugs and high pile rugs that can harbor pet hair or food unless you are an obsessive cleaner!

Low pile and flat weave rugs anchored to the floor with an anti-skid rubber underlay for safety are great for families. Low pile is easier to clean and there are reversible options so the rug can be flipped to hide minor spills or marks until you have time to spot clean.

Wool rugs are a great choice for most homes. Wool is durable and hard wearing – great for children and pets – with the added bonus that wool Is inherently fire resistant with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Wool also repels water that can cause mildew and mold growth.



We specialize in hand-knotted rugs made from wool, silk, and wool and silk mixes. Some of our rugs feature more affordable “Bamboo Silk”, a luxurious fiber made from the bamboo plant rather than the silk spun from silkworms.

We’ve also developed a highly successful oxidation process for a collection of wool and silk rugs. Our process creates a subtle high and low pile 3D surface to create the on-trend “vintage” look so desired by our customers. Silk fibers absorb and reflect light to create different looks and moods while the oxidized wool absorbs light to create an amazing contrast.

Whatever style or type of rug you desire chances are we have it at where we have thousands of handmade rugs available at affordable prices.

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