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How to keep your Oriental rug looking at its best

You’ve just bought an Oriental rug and it really ties the room together. Now you probably want your new rug to last years to come. No problem. You just have to follow a few simple rug maintenance instructions in order to make the most out of your rug’s life and durability.

Take you shoes off!

Of course that there are some issues that can not be avoided. Rugs, unlike most of our purchases, are made to be walked on. So the best and first thing to do is to ask your family to remove their shoes while in the house. Most of the dirt and wear of rugs is a direct result of the surprises we carry on our soles (by the way in Persia, nobody keeps their shoes on while inside).


Although Oriental carpets come from a land of a thousand suns, rugs do not like direct sunlight and they tend to fade out. So just like you do with your mattress, try to rotate the carpet from time to time and prevent wear and color fade from happening in the same areas. Rotating a carpet a couple of times a year can help you maintain the rug’s value and look.

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