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How Persian Rugs are made?

The Persian Rug is more than just a decorative piece. Rugs and carpets are a vital part of the Iranian culture. It’s also interesting to know that rug weaving is an honorable occupation in the Persian culture – only last year Iran exported more than 400 million dollars worth of hand made rugs and it’s Iran’s largest export after… oil!

You can imagine that rug weaving is pretty complicated. Depending on size, quality and the pattern of the carpet, it can take up to a few years to make a rug. When knotting a rug, the weaver creates detailed and complicated patterns; as rug weavers can create thousands of patterned knots in each day.

Sounds like much of a hassle over something that a machine can do in a matter of minutes. Well, there are machine rugs which might look like Persian rugs but there is no real knotting involved and as in most of machine made products – these rugs are made from industrial materials and synthetic fibers that can not match the true beauty and quality of a handmade rug.

If you’re interested in seeing the magic of weaving – it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is visit Tabriz – the center of carpet production in Persia. Here is a glimpse at the process of weaving an Oriental rug in Turkey:


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