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Mamluk Rugs are timeless works of art!

Mamluk Rugs are differentiated from others by their unique Mosaic like intricate designs. Inspired by

original rugs made under the Mamluk Sultan’s dynasty in the years 1250 – 1517, a new Mamluk rug

is made to recreate the quality and look of these prehistoric masterpieces. Only a few fragments and

pieces exist of the original Mamluk rugs, found this days only in museums around the world. The exact

origin of these rugs is still in a dispute. Though most agree they were probably commissioned and

produced in and around Egypt.

Mamluk rugs are generally above average quality relative to other hand knotted rugs, like the ones here.

The colors and wools are rich and fine with lots of saturation. The weave is dense to properly translate

such intricate designs. Sometimes antiquing is applied to give the rug an older vintage look. The pile of

antiqued rugs will be clipped or sheared even shorter to almost the foundation and the colors can be

more muted to give the look of an aged rug that has been exposed to the elements.

Like their predecessors these new Mamluk rugs are sure to last generations and get better with age. A

Mamluk rug can fit into both contemporary and traditional spaces, rustic as well as formal. The designs

are often sharp and the antiquing allows them to blend seamlessly with upholstered fabrics and other

elements found in modern décor. Truly timeless works of art!

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