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The Classical Meshed Rugs

Rugs and carpets add utility and fabulous artistic touch to any space, including living rooms and sitting rooms. Rugs and carpet industry is one of the vast and wide industries which is supported by a large customer base all over the globe. All the geographical states where rugs and carpet industries are progressing, earn a lot of export benefit because of increasing demand of rugs and carpets in different parts of the world. It is because of this progression that the consumers of the rug industry are being benefited from a large variety of rugs available in the market.

Meshed rugs are one of the most classical and traditional categories of rugs. With the primitive history dating back to the 15th century meshed rugs have been because of their origin from Meshed, a city in Northeastern part of Persia. In 1550, the first meshed rug was woven in the form of prayer rug and was known as the Perez Topaki prayer rug. Since this early beginning Meshed rugs have taken a prominent place in the rug industry. Owing to the name of Meshed, a city in Persia, Meshed rugs have been woven for the first time in Meshed and then the story began with continuous improvement. This city is now considered as the main hub of Persian carpet industry. Thousands of women and men are associated with this flourishing industry. This is one of the most flourishing home based industries in Persia, where many of the household women weave these classy rugs at home. All the weaving and dyeing procedures are carried out at home. But no one can challenge the delicacy of these carpets, as they are unique and classy. Some of the earliest pieces of Meshed rugs are found in some of the biggest museums of Persia. This is because other historical and traditional worth of these masterpieces.

The meshed rugs have a cotton wool base for weaving of the rugs and carpets. Some of the best cattle are reared in different village areas of Persia to get wool for the meshed rugs. The looms for these rugs are mostly setup at the countryside. The delicate knots of these rugs are the major attractive features of these rugs. The knot count may vary, however a rug with greater knot count is considered more valuable and worthy. The workshop at Persia for making of Meshed rugs is the main export hubs for the carpet industry of Persia. The importance of the rug industry in Persia can be depicted from the fact that Persia owns a complete museum for different historical and traditional rug piece. Based in Tehran the carpet museum has some exclusive pieces of Meshed rugs.

Meshed carpets have sixteen points symmetry, where patterns are woven across this symmetry. The most commonly used colors for dyeing of Meshed carpets include dark red and purple. Although the meshed carpets are the traditional patterns, however, some of the artisans have gained mastery in adding the modern patterns in these traditional categories of rugs. Some of the exclusive meshed rugs are also placed in the royal palaces and castles, which shows their exceptional worth.

This was some brief historical review about the Meshed carpets; if you want to know more about this outclass creation of artisans you can visit All the exclusive information and the picture gallery for rugs and carpets are not just few clicks away.

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