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Rug Glossary II – Persian Rugs

Rug Glossary II (Persian Rugs): Oriental rugs are generally carpets that are hand-knotted using natural fibers such as wool cotton or silk or any combination of them or may be simply woven rugs. Machine made rugs or rugs woven by anything except by hand are not considered real oriental rugs. Different cultures and countries influence the design and production of oriental rugs, and they are usually categorized by their geographic origin: Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Turkish rugs and more. Let’s take a close look at Persian Rugs:

Persian Rugs: are an integral part of the culture and tradition of Persia. Iranian and Persian rugs were woven in ancient Persia thousands of years ago. The Weaving of rugs in Persia is part of it’s art and as many as million hand weavers are producing hand made Persian rugs for domestic and for export. Persian rugs in general are categorized by sizes: over 6X4 ft rugs are called Farsh, and smaller carpet includes Kilim and Zilu.

Tabriz Rugs: Tabriz is a Persian city, which is famous for fine handknotted rugs with timeless classic floral designs. It is one of the cities with the longest weaving history like Esfahan, Kirman and Kashan. In this collection you will find the finest handmade and hand knotted Tabriz rugs at discount and wholesale prices with free shipping.

So whether you’re looking for a Persian Antique or Semi-Antique, Fine New Oriental Rugs, 19th century European designs or modern area rugs, log on to where you will find a unique collection of beautiful handknotted rugs which is always up to date with color and design.

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