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The Secret Language of Area Rugs

To the untrained shopper, one area rug is like all of the rest. But there is actually a lot to area rugs that the average consumer doesn’t realize. Like, for instance, that there is virtually an area rug glossary, full of terms used to describe the intricacies of the beautiful carpets. Really! There are so many terms describing the aspects of area rugs, and here are a few that you probably don’t already know:

-Abrash: A change or variation in the color of a rug die to the difference in the wool or dye bath. The effect is subtle shading differences, and in older and antique rugs, abrash occurs naturally as a part of the aging process. In new rugs that are designed to look vintage, the abrash effect is created by changing the color of the yarns.

-Overtuft: This term refers to the tufting process done by hand or mechanically in which an already tufted rug has another yarn system tufted through the back of the fabric to develop a pattern on the surface.

-Hand: Tactile qualities of a fabric that includes softness, stiffness, texture, etc.

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