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The Rules for Persian Rugs

Area rugs can really make a big difference in the feeling of your home. If you have wooden floors, it is a great idea to add some texture to a room by placing oriental rugs in it. This added splash of color can enhance any gathering you have by allowing people to think about how your furniture interacts with your rugs.

And don’t think that Persian rugs won’t go with your current decor – they are so classic that they can go anywhere and look good. A great way to make your interior design more interesting is by combining different elements (modern with antique, leather and wool) for a unique room that offers options.

Silk or wool is a good choice if you are thinking about area rugs, though the former, I must warn you, is typically more expensive. It does attract light better, however, and also may function as a piece of decorative artwork. Should you buy a 5×8, you can hang it on the wall to appreciate its multitudinous colors and superb craftsmanship.

Persian rugs are excellent investments, appreciating dramatically once they become antiques. Remember to keep your Oriental rugs out of the sun, and if they’re underneath furniture, rotate them annually so they don’t become worn in one specific area.

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