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Persian Wool Rugs vs. Silk Persian Rugs

Which rug styles are the best I wondered as I browsed the rug shop? There are Persian wool rugs, silk Persian rugs and other Oriental rugs for sale.

Persian wool rugs are less shiny than silk. They are more practical because they are hardier and less about aesthetics due to the lack of sheen. Silk rugs should not get heavy foot traffic because they can wear and lose their luster.

After learning this I decided that it would behoove me to have one of each. Since I like to think of myself as a connoisseur, that is, a purveyor of the fine, good and beautiful, it seemed the right choice to choose one of the silk Persian rugs, perhaps to have in my library or maybe even to display on a wall.

But because I am also a rugged man, a man who understands the importance of getting his hands dirty, it seemed that Persian wool rugs are the choice for everyday use. The splash of color and proprietary warmth that comes from these area rugs is too pleasing to hide in an obscure corner of my home. And with that settled, I walked away with two fine, different rug styles.

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