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Persian Rugs Care

Persian rugs are the finest in the world. Nothing grabs my attention like hand knotted rugs, made with fine silk or wool. It is another form of art, but one of the few kinds that can be executed with more than one pair of hands. Hand knotted rugs are worthy of being hung on your wall. That way you can admire them and preserve them for a longer time than if they were on the floor. Here are some more rug care tips:

Keep it away from the sun. This can fade your beautiful Persian rugs. If it is in the sun, rotate it monthly. If it is on the ground, rotate it four times a year, seasonally. This will help the rug to fade uniformly. Move furniture accordingly.

Straighten any gnarled fringe. Don’t comb the fringes, but fold one end of the rug to the other. This will straighten the fringe. Shake the rug if there are still some tangles.
Vacuum and keep clean your Persian rugs. It will also help the fibers look fluffy. Be careful, though. If your rug is expensive or antique and has threadbare spots, beater bars can make them worse. It’s best to turn off the beater bar.

Lastly, if you have a spill, clean it thoroughly and immediately. Absorb the spill with paper towel and then dampen it with water. If the spill remains, take it to a professional rugs cleaning service.

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