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How to Haggle for Persian Rugs

You were in the market for fine oriental rugs. You searched all over your town and found a place on the east side. When you arrived at the warehouse you knew that you would find something worth buying, how could you not.

Inside a swarthy man with thick eyebrows and an aquiline nose greeted you. Do you have any fine Persian rugs you asked. He nodded obviously. He took you upstairs to the good stuff, the silk Persian rugs. I am looking for an 8 by 10 you said, silk. He walked away from you with his forefinger beckoning. There was a beautiful red rug, one of three silk Persian rugs you decided would look best in your living room beneath your brown leather couch.

The price of this rug is seven thousand dollars he said when you asked how much. That’s too much, you shook your head. I’ll give you three thousand cash you said. He scoffed and said I can do six thousand cash. You said I’ll pay you five thousand on credit and four in cash. He looked at you warily. Forty five hundred – cash, he said. You shook and knew that a deal on these fine Oriental rugs such as this is hard to come by.

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