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Call 1 800 Get a Rug for the Best Rugs Around!

Before spending your money on anything — electronics, homewares, clothing, etc. — you should know about the company you’re paying. The folks at 1 800 Get a Rug live by this idea, so we’re going to tell you a little about them.

1 800 Get a Rug has been selling the finest oriental and Persian rugs for over two decades now. They’re in constant contact with rug providers in the Far East and have access to the the most exciting new colors and designs in traditional, transitional and modern oriental rugs and carpets. Though they deal mainly with the interior design community as well as other rug vendors, they sell to everyone.

1 800 Get a Rug’s collection of rugs ranges from Persian antique and semi-antique to fine new oriental rugs, including vegetable dye rugs, silk, formal and informal, through European designs from 18th and 19th centuries to beautiful floral motifs that add grace and style to any setting. 1800 Get a Rug has a unique collection of beautiful handknotted rugs which is always up to date with color and design.

Don’t take our word for it; go check out 1 800 Get a Rug’s huge assortment of rugs. Their web site make it super easy to find exactly what you want, whether by color, size, foundation. It won’t be long before you find something you love!

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