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More Area Rugs Terms

Taking with last week’s theme of area rugs terminology, we’ve found a few more interesting terms specifically regarding the materials and fibers used in the construction of area rugs. By educating yourself on the intricacies of area rugs, you can be a more aware consumer, and end up purchasing the perfect rugs.

Acrylic: This is a man-made fiber with a wool-like appearance. It doesn’t dye as well as nylon, and is said to be slightly less durable.

BCF: This stands for bulked continuous filament. Filament yarns are processed by mechanical methods to fluff them out before the weaving process commences.

Continuous Filament: This refers to nylon or polypropelene yarn made in one long strand that can be woven without further processing.

Polypropelene: synthetic fiber that gets a pigment added to it. It is used specifically in machine made rugs.

Polyester: This synthetic fiber is most often used in staple spun yarns.

Solution Dyed: This way of dying synthetic fiber is special because the pigment is added to the polypropelene/nylon chip before it’s extruded as a filament yarn.

Worsted: Refers to an extra step in wool processing that combs out shorter fibers. It produces durable and lustrous yarns.

Space Dyed: Yarn colored in sections of different colors before being tufted or woven into a rug.

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