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Area Rugs Made With Care

So much of what we have in our homes is mass produced. Our furniture and appliances, the food many of us eat, our reading materials and clothing, it has all been made in huge factories by machines. It seems like our society just doesn’t have room for hand crafted goods anymore. Sad to think about all of the work that used to be done by hand just disappearing. All those years of humans developing skillful ways to craft tools, furniture, clothing, could be lost to time.

All this advancement makes the easy availability of handknotted area rugs all the more special and surprising. Crafting gorgeous Persian rugs from hand is tradition and it is an art form but it is also super easy to take home.  Handcrafted rugs are available at most online rug shops. In fact our friends over at 1 800 Get A Rug have a  fantastic selection.

I love to stand on my hand knotted rugs and think about the life of the people who made them. I consider what it was like developing the skills required to knot an area rug that can fill up a dinning room. I wonder where they learned and if knotting rugs is a family tradition. I wonder if I could do that.

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