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An Area Rugs Conversation

When I first thought about getting a rug, it seemed easy. All of these rugs are the same, besides differences in color, style, and texture. Then one cool winter evening, in the library of my friend Matthew’s home, we began to discuss my decision to choose new area rugs, and he offered a new perspective.

“Oriental rugs and Persian rugs make a marked difference in the way your area rug feels,” he said. “In fact, some area rugs are so precious, they are better hung on the wall as a decorative piece of art.”

“Really?” I inquired. I had thought they were all akin to the carpet I tread to get to my office at work- scratchy, bland, and eventually worn and faded.

“Yes, Oriental rugs have been treasured for thousands of years. A nice one can last for a long time, too, if you take care of it, of course.”

“How do I take care of it, Matt, old boy?”

“Well,” said he, “Be careful not to let the sun hit your rugs. That is one of the biggest ways to dampen the color of your rugs almost immediately. And if you want, take off your shoes before walking on your area rugs.”

“Matt,” I said, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” We drank to that.

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